Laura Sturm

Actor | Director | Teacher

Laura Sturm is a theatre artist based in Chicago, Illinois




"She will get so much done in so little time! I always feel like I crush my audition when I schedule a session with Laura beforehand." Andrew C.

individual coaching

Laura has been coaching actors in the Chicago area since 2001.  She offers acting and movement coaching, and specializes in audition coaching. 

- Auditions - Monologue, Song, Theater, Film, Commercial

 - I'll teach you how to find a great monologue that you love!  My technique has helped many actors find great pieces easily.  Then, of course, we'll work it so it's fabulous and you feel awesome about it.

- Song coaching - With a few tips and some emotional and specificity work, turn a pretty song into a lovely acting piece.

 - Bring in your audition piece (side/song/ monologue, etc.) and we'll work it together so you feel incredibly prepared when you walk in the door.

 - Performances - Theater/Film, etc. 

-  Sometimes in a show or film, you don't get as much feedback from your director as you might want, and you're left feeling unsure of your performance.  I'll ensure we're staying with the director's vision, but help you find connection and specificity in your scenes so you are confident in your work.


"Laura will find ways to tap into sections of your creativity that you didn't know were there and help you find what is not only real but truly compelling." Lisa H.



production coaching

Laura can serve as an Acting Coach and/or Movement Coach/Director for your show or film.  

Acting Coaching - 

      - Assisting directors during rehearsals so you can focus on the big picture for your play or film.  I can either work individually with actors or give notes to keep them on track and keep them interesting! 

     - Problems with an actor?  Or a scene?  I can work with actors individually or within the rehearsal process to keep the acting work sharp and the actors confident.

Movement Coaching/Direction - 

- Creation of specific movement sections within a piece (i.e. the actors "swim" through a river or play like children)

- Assist with any character movement

- Period Style movement (specialties in 19th Century Victorian and 17th/18th Century Restoration/ Georgian, but any Style you need) 

- Overall movement supervision to ensure actors are grounded, physically connected and safe



"I have and will continue to recommend Laura as an acting coach. Everytime I've hired her to help, I've walked into the audition room feeling confident and prepared. I attribute her as a main reason I booked an agent! If you need help feeling comfortable and natural while having fun with what your performing, Laura is the person to work with."  Aaron P.

Hanna Kasulka as Casey in Fox TV's  The Exorcist

Hanna Kasulka as Casey in Fox TV's The Exorcist


Movement Coach/Direction - 

 - Fox TV's The Exorcist, Episode 107 (Personal coach to lead actress Hanna Kasulka, "possession" choreography, including a one-on-one movement class in preparation for her scenes)

 - Seascape, Oakton Community College - created movement for the lizard creatures and coached movement for the other actors as well

 - The Other Shore, CIRCA-Pintig and A-Squared Theatre Workshop - worked with the cast to create numerous different movement pieces within the production, examples include creation of a wall using the actors which the protagonist tries to breach, a section in which the cast all play different games with ropes, a flowing river that the cast forges and struggles to travel through, and a Man and Shadow dance

Acting Coach - 

- Gruesome Playground Injuries, The Constructivists (Best New Theater Company 2018 - Milwaukee Magazine), Milwaukee, WI (Included one rehearsal mini-Meisner Technique workshop)

- The Sleeper, Theatre 5.2.1, Chicago, IL

- Guys & Dolls, Northern Illinois University - worked with specific actors on songs to keep the acting work strong and specific

Kaelan Strouse and Kim Boler in  Ephemera  (Photo: Jackie Jasperson)

Kaelan Strouse and Kim Boler in Ephemera (Photo: Jackie Jasperson)

Solana Ramírez-García and Rob Schreiner as Kayleen and Doug in  Gruesome Playground Injuries  with the Constructivists (Milwaukee) 

Solana Ramírez-García and Rob Schreiner as Kayleen and Doug in Gruesome Playground Injuries with the Constructivists (Milwaukee) 


“Laura Sturm is an excellent coach. She has the rare combination of both gentleness and firmness. She cares enough to tell the truth and give fiercely loving feedback and guidance. She is both passionate and patient. I feel genuinely cared about and advocated for when I coach with Laura. She challenges me to dig deep and live truthfully under my imaginary circumstances” T. Newman

"Laura has greatly helped me be prepared for theater and film auditions.  I greatly admire her devotion to details, especially when in comes to text analysis, and how the underlying logic of the given scene is discovered in an atmosphere of fun and play. I always leave an audition feeling like I made specific choices and gave a solid performance." Sherry L.

"As a coach and teacher, Laura is patient, perceptive, and encouraging. Her generous specificity--both in performing and teaching--is grounded in deep knowledge and experience. She shares a very special gift with each of her students and colleagues: Laura puts you so at ease, you are bound to do truthful, grounded work. Practically speaking, to this day I use Laura's physical warm-ups when I perform." Kelli W.


Seascape with Oakton Community College (Roberto Sandoval and Mia Tomasello)

Seascape with Oakton Community College (Roberto Sandoval and Mia Tomasello)

Hanna Kasulka as Casey in  The Exorcist

Hanna Kasulka as Casey in The Exorcist