Laura Sturm

Actor | Director | Teacher

Laura Sturm is a theatre artist based in Chicago, Illinois


Current ClassES

Next class starts 9/28!

If you’ve taken the class before, feel free to drop in!

Drop in rates: $40 Movement/Meisner, $30 Movement only/$15 Meisner only. Just let me know you’re coming so I can plan accordingly. Thanks!

UPCOMING Class dates - 9/28 - 11/16

Saturdays: 10:00 – 12:30 Movement; 12:30 – 1:30 Meisner Repetition to Text

Location: the Music Room in the Dance Chicago studios in the Athenaeum (2936 N. Southport)

Cost: Movement class cost: $240; Meisner Repetition class cost: $100
Both classes: $320 or only $300 with Early Registration Discount (by 9/21)

It’s starting to get cooler – hooray! Now that Labor Day is over, fall is almost upon us and the cooler weather is perfect for frolicking! That’s what we’ll be doing in Movement class, in addition to dancing, laughing, shouting, finding our inner child, rediscovering our animal instincts, and opening up to connect and play with others! Free your body, improve your acting! Plus, it’s just good, old-fashioned fun, like you used to have as a kid, jumping into leaf piles or playing imaginary games in the backyard.

For those of you who have never tried my movement class, it is a powerful, fun way to release tensions in your body, explore new ways of moving and most importantly, improve your acting! Not to mention renew your instinct to play! No dance experience required.

This term we’ll again be splitting time: 2 ½ hours of Movement plus 1 hour of the Meisner Repetition exercise, however for a twist that we started a handful of terms ago and have been having fun with, we’ll take the Repetition into text, for those of you wondering how to apply Repetition to scenework or who just want some additional practice. The class will be tailored to the participants, so whether you have Meisner experience or not, please join us!

The Movement work is a great warm-up for the Meisner exercise. However, you can take one or the other, if you don’t want to take both.

Come play with us!